Unleash the growth potential of your influencers through affiliation

affiliation et influenceurs

Influencers and affiliate marketing stratégies.


For 8/9 years now, influencer marketing has become one of the pillars of mixed marketing for many brands in the e-commerce ecosystem, but not only. We are also seeing a lot of initiatives from institutional markets such as banks, insurance companies and the food industry.


Driven by the search for authenticity, influence has long been the new Eldorado for brands, communication agencies or even the influencers themselves. The search for the construction of value, an empirical approach that was not yet fully mastered at the time, contributed to the development of a new powerful marketing lever. 


All of these market iterations have helped build a framework and a new ecosystem of solid partnerships, pushed jointly by the brands and the GAFAs. Together they have built this new paradigm where Influence has become not only an efficient way to ensure communication, raising awareness, product distribution, but also THE new sales generating lever. A very versatile channel.


From this point on, if you invest in influencer marketing the question is no longer necessarily focused solely on the awareness you expect but also the ability of your influencer partners to generate sales and growth for your brand.


With these evolutions, measuring the ROI of influencer campaigns, like other levers such as SEA, remains a challenge for brands. However, this challenge is not without an answer and new technological developments have made it easier to understand and measure. 

How does Affilae enable brands to unlock the growth potential of their influencers in affiliation?


As we’ve just seen, influencer marketing has evolved perhaps more rapidly than any other lever and its need for structure is still more than present today. The tools available to brands must therefore also evolve to take into account the effects of influencer campaigns on their business.


Integrating your influencers into your affiliate programme on Affilae will allow you to access new mechanisms to increase the potential of your influencers on your sales. 


The benefits are : 


Track and collect data from your influencers


This works both ways, your affiliate program will not only allow you to have precise feedback on the KPIs you are tracking (sales, average basket, turnover per influencer etc) but also to offer transparency towards your partners.




It’s the new luxury you can offer your partners, and it puts everyone on the same level of information. It’s the search for authenticity in a brand partnership that drives influencers to invest in you.


Paying for the right objectives


Bring your goals closer to theirs and find healthy spaces for collaboration. 


For example: hybrid remunerations (fee-fixed + CPA or product allocation + CPA) are very common and allow you to continue to secure your partners in their content creation efforts but also to bring them back to a remuneration based on their performance on your sales.


Recurring, long-term partnerships


The most certain contribution of affiliation to influence is the construction of sustainable and recurrent partnerships. The remuneration on sales implies a recurrence and if your influencer partner benefits from it, he will not hesitate to put you forward himself or to come back to you for new opportunities.


Providing the right tools


Affilae’s software solution helps you achieve your acquisition objectives with your influencer partners on several levels. In addition to the affiliate software itself, we have developed dedicated tools such as : 


The Chrome extension, allowing your influencers to quickly create their tracked links and use them in the stories.

The Product Marketplace, which allows you as a brand to put forward 10 products to be tested by our network of partners.

Tracked voucher codes, which allows you to pay an influencer on the sales generated with the voucher code you gave them.

The connector to the Kolsquare solution, which allows you to find the performances of your influencers within your Kolsquare reports.


In summary, Affilae offers many options for creating and managing influencer programs. The solution allows you to really unleash the leverage of your influencer partners by fully integrating them into your mix marketing. 


All the while offering them the transparency they expect.