Test if the clicks and conversions of your affiliates are working well.


If you have placed tracking scripts on your website, you can now test if its ok for your affiliates.

Two steps:

– Clicks tests
– Conversions tests (leads and sales)

=> Warming! Conversions can’t be added in Affilae if you don’t click on an affiliate link.


Follow this process and check if your affiliates can generated you conversions.

First, you need an affiliate link (ex: mon-site.com/#ae1). To get a tracking link, follow these steps:

1. Go to “My affiliates” menu and click on “add an affiliate” button. Fill out both forms with a valid email address. The name of your test profile should be: “Test + Mywebsite” – When you validate the form, you are redirected to the “My affiliates” page. Congratulations, you just created your first affiliate 🙂



2. Then you have to retrieve the affiliate tracking link from your test account. To do this, open a second browser and log in as an affiliate (use the email address test and the password received by email – If necessary, check your spam or regenerate your password)

3. Once logged in, click on “Manage my profile” and then “My partnerships” menu. Copy and paste the tracking link (under the name of your program) into your browser and simulate a visit => Move the mouse when you load the site. A new click should now appear in your dashboard.



4. Finally, place orders on your site to trigger conversions on the conversion rules you have created. A new conversion should now appear in your dashboard.


What if clicks doesn’t show up?

1. Disable adblockers.

2. Check if you have not made a syntax error in the copy of the javascript that tracks clicks.

3. Make sure you have moved the mouse on your site after clicking on the affiliate link. By default the allowSiteUnder variable of the javascript will prevent the triggering of the tracking after 8 seconds.

4. Check if the domain name where the javascript is located is the same as the URL of the configuration of your affiliate program (“Config.” menu, then “URL”). For security reasons, only your domain name can allow clicks.

5. Make sure that javascript triggers well by opening your browser’s “developers” toolbar, “Network” tab, you should see a query go to https://lb.affilae.com or to your tracking domain if you have the white-label option.

6. If you already have a valid click and try again to generate one, please check if you are out of the session timeout. In order to avoid spam, a visit can not be counted twice during this period. (For tests, you can pass this duration to 0).


What if conversions doesn’t show up?

To trigger a conversion, you have to visit your affiliate link to be tracked.

As for the javascript, only your domain name configured in your “Commission rules” can triggers conversions. If it’s the same, leave the field blank.


1. Make sure that the conversion tag is well present on your conversion page (for example, order confirmation) and that you have entered the right variables.

2. Make sure the conversion amount parameter is more than 0 if the commission is calculated on a percent of the sale. (affiliate groups)

3. Make sure the HTTP request of the conversion is triggered (network tab of the developper tools of your browser), same as javascript.



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