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Fatima Rhattas, Strategic Agency Partnership Manager
Fatima-Rhattas-Strategic-Agency-Partnership-Manager, Kelkoo

Affilae enables companies to accurately track performance, simplify affiliate management through centralized billing, benefit from extended brand reach, reduced acquisition costs, and flexible, customized affiliate programs.

These benefits can help companies increase their online visibility, generate sales and optimize their online marketing strategy.

Léa Cerutti, Key Account & Sales Manager
Léa Cerrutti, Key Account Sales Manager, Powerspace

We're delighted to be working with Affilae, who make it so much easier to put advertisers and publishers in touch with each other. The teams are very attentive and available. The campaigns are qualitative, and we work with Premium media, which enables us to attract additional high-end advertisers.

The easy-to-use interface includes details of conversions andconversion attribution. This is a great advantage over other platforms, as we know whether or not our campaigns have worked, and whether or not we've made a profit for the advertiser.

Lily, créatrice de contenus et blog

It's a pleasure to work with the Affilae teams: Affilae offers greater freedom in terms of content and choice of brands to work with. I appreciate the link with the people who manage our partnerships. And above all, I can follow the stats live via the platform.

Guillaume Ringele, Founder
Black Friday France
Guillaume Ringele, Black Friday France

Affilae acts as an interface between advertisers and publishers, as working directly with advertisers can sometimes be tedious. The Affilae teams handle all the follow-up, from advertiser onboarding to invoicing. This is done in a highly professional manner by all our Affiliate Managers.

Louis Cabernay,Responsable Acquisition
Louis Carbenay, responsable acquisition

Affilae' ssupport is sustained and comprehensive, with regular, in-depth follow-ups to help us achieve our business objectives. Rather than just applying, Affilae's account managers constantly propose new solutions , in line with our expectations and business challenges, while preserving the quality and image of our brand. I think that with them, Affiliation (re)becomes a cornerstone of Okaïdi's media mix.

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Ali Koné, Director of Data Operations, Adtech
Groupe Marie-Claire
Ali Koné, Directeur des Opérations Groupe Marie-Claire

We're delighted with the support we've received from the Affilae teams, and the operational and technical integrations have been particularly smooth! For the future, we see great prospects for maximizing the share of affiliation, particularly via Social, thanks to Affilae.

Hakim B., Sales director
Hakim B, Sales Director Widilo

The 5 advantages of working with Affilae :

Reactivity: account managers are proactive, constantly proposing new opportunities and promoting partners, Analysis: AMs know the customer's needs better than anyone else, providing real advice, Platform network: extensive catalog of partner brands from all sectors, Transparency: performance tracking is simple and intuitive, Relationships: Affilae is one of the leading platforms in France for direct exchanges with advertisers.

Olivier Barbin, Founder
Olivier Barbin, founder jesuispapa

Our collaboration with Affilae is going very well, and our relationship is extremely fluid. The team makes regular suggestions for operations and promotions, especially for new brands that have just joined the platform.
Special mention must go to Camille, Team Leader Affiliate Management, who really goes the extra mile! She's very dynamic and committed, and it's really nice to be able to count on people like that.

Eléa Sirvent, Account Manager
Elea Sirvent, Account Manager Joko

Nice history with Affilae! I'm in daily contact with the teams, and our relationship is growing from strength to strength. I'm very happy with our partnership.
Affilae offers quality advertisers: Cultura, Jouéclub, Conforama. The experience is fairly straightforward, with all information easily accessible.
It's a great advantage to be able to unify tracking with all advertisers!

Gabriel Kaam, Founder
Gabriel Kaam, Modalova

Our partnership is going extremely well. We work with a lot of platforms. The advantage of Affilae is that it's a French platform and we get real support from the teams. It's very easy to get in touch with you. There are some great brands on Affilae (like La Redoute...), which is very advantageous for us and for promoting Modalova.

Audrey Martinez - Acquisition Manager
Aime Skincare
When AIME was created, we focused on organic acquisition with Mathilde Lacombe's network. From 2021 onwards, we have integrated paid acquisition into our strategy, particularly influence. Since 2022, with Mylène, our great account manager, we have been significantly boosting the sourcing of profiles with a real need and an interest in our brand and our philosophy. Affilae has enabled us to create trustworthy, profitable and recurring partnerships with female influencers who are now real ambassadors of the brand.
Jérémy Gassmann - Traffic & Content Manager
Rip Curl
Affiliate marketing was launched at our group two years ago in the following regions (USA, AU, EU). We decided to focus initially on the French market, as this promising market presents a real challenge to reach new customers and obtain better brand visibility.  Laurent, our Account Manager, was very reactive in organising the first strategic meetings and setting up the program, which was launched in a few days!  Affilae offers an intuitive and clear dashboard with all the KPIs. all the teams are very proactive, which allows us to regularly test new growth opportunities.
Chloé Neyrial - E-commerce manager
I highly recommend Affilae for its transparency, its support and its platform which allows affiliates to be fairly remunerated, while rewarding the "top of the funnel" partners. They effectively helped us get the right mix between the Notoriety & Conversion campaigns to achieve a great ROI.
Anaïs Pouponneau - Head of Acquisition & Customer loyalty
Affilae's support enables us to manage our network of affiliates efficiently by creating a special relationship with each of them. Affilae's proactivity allows us to quickly implement solutions for each problem and to integrate new partners into our programs. The platform offers real-time visibility of each affiliate's performance, including influence. This allows for better decision making, especially on the validation of redirected partnerships!
Damien Delbrel - Head of Marketing
I highly recommend Affilae for : Its very competitive price positioning, the technical quality of the platform - far ahead of its time, Affilae is today a trend setter and not a follower. Simple to use, I have trained all my teams to manage their program for their country. Its network of affiliates specialised in travel. The beneficial commission sharing and weight management system for the deduplication of sales. 
William Ung - Head of Acquisition
With Affilae we have found the perfect team! The Account Manager team is highly responsive and provides us with proactive support and is always ready to test new affiliates and/or new growth levers. Our Account Manager suggests new partners with whom we would never have worked and it turns out that most of these publishers have become Top Affiliates, which has enabled us to significantly increase the share of affiliation in our revenues. Our Account Manager negotiates very competitive prices directly for us, in complete transparency.
Jonathan Boudault- E-Commerce Senior Manager
Petit Bateau
The expertise of the Affilae team has enabled us to work with new partners, partners who were not present on the other platforms. What made us decide to try the adventure with Affilae is based on 3 axes: Ease of implementation, the approach of focusing on affinity partners and the influencer community as a priority, Affilae's neutrality and objectivity in highlighting partners. We work hand in hand to grow the turnover
Maude Haese - Acquisition manager Online
We are in a real Win-win partnership with Affilae, which stands out from its competitors with its commission-free business model. The Affilae team is reactive and proactive, we work hand in hand on strategy and operational implementation, with a detailed plan for the year.
Yoan Bourgeois - Growth Manager
We launched the affiliate program with a view to creating a dedicated ambassador program for NUOO. As an advertiser with a strong presence on social networks, the greatest benefit of Affilae is being able to track influencer campaigns from A to Z, from the first click to the sale! It is also an excellent way to build solid partnerships and to build a long-term influence strategy. This has paid off for NUOO with a loyal network for more than two years, which is still growing.
Sophie Sarfati - CEO
Joli Place
To me, Affilae is a synonym of transparency, something quite rare today in affiliate marketing strategies. From payments to dashboards, everything is crystal clear. The team is available and attentive, great assistance on technical issues or strategic questions, and proactive to boost my program, and always open-minded on ways to enhance partnerships.
Astrid Masson - Head of affiliate marketing
Affilae is one of the affiliate platforms that we use the most. Indeed, the large spectrum and variety of brands allow us to connect with many merchants. Affilae’s team is of great assistance and knows how to adapt to our specific needs within short delays. They are also proactive when it comes down to optimizing our strategy, or advising us with potential new partners, or even changing our commission rates. Finally, the interface is user-friendly, reliable (no bugs with the tracked links), as opposed to other platforms we can work with.