Popular banner design format for affiliate marketing campaigns

Which banner format I have to use for affiliate marketing campaigns?


Once you have created your affiliate program, in order to drive more sales, I seriously invite you to provide some creatives and advertising material to your affiliates to make it easier for them to promote, quickly, your products and services.

Affiliates use them in a variety of ways and require them in multiple sizes.


strong>Below are some of the most common specifications for Affiliate banners size and weight (based on IAB recommendations):


See more here.


Recommended file formats:
  • .PNG
  • .JPG
  • .GIF (preferred)


.GIF animated banners have the best conversion rates based on the notion of interactivity. Because, most of the times, the most important part is the dynamic Call-to-Action (CTA) button that encourages users to take action and click on the message.
And don’t forget to, if your banner is too long, the customer may lose interest!

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is: to be appealing to customers so they feel like clicking the banner is not easy, the design will help you. BUT if your banner is too heavy, too large, it will load slowly on your affiliate website and will not be seen …


Other tips and examples


You’re mostly working for mobile devices and for that, you’ve to keep in mind it when designing the banner. So make sure your banners are mobile-friendly.

Here a little app to help you preview your banners.

This website will allow you to easily create super visuals.

And this one can give you some examples of banners design in different formats.


Another key point, remember, if your commercial strategy and your positioning allows it, to add an incentive on your banners, such as: promo code. This, will greatly increase the interest of your offer for the customer and thus improve your conversion rate.