What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a performance-based (or paid on results) Internet marketing scheme in which merchants or advertisers offer their publishers (or affiliates) commission-based revenue according to the value they bring to their online businesses.

Rather than just paying for views (impressions) or visits (clicks) regardless of how they perform or how much business they generate, advertisers can offer affiliates all sorts of shared-revenue schemes. For instance affiliate sites could be paid on leads (like online inquiries or subscriptions) or actual sales.


What is an affiliate “program”?


A “program” spelled with one “m” generally refers to a software or a piece of computer code. An affiliate marketing program, however, refers to an actual affiliate marketing campaign. For instance, an e-commerce advertiser could offer anything between 3% and 10% on sales for various products or depending on the volumes, plus 1€ per newsletter subscription.

On Affilae, advertisers can create as many programs as they like. For instance, they could create a different programme for each of their websites (although you can only have one programme per domain).


Do I need to give my credit card details?


Nope! Affiliates can sign up 100% free. Advertisers can also sign up and test Affilae for free for 20 days, no strings attached. When the trial period is over, should you wish to continue using our services you would then need to fill in your payment details.


Can I change or cancel my subscription whenever I like?


Of course you can! You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription according to your actual needs. You can even leave Affilae if you are not happy with the service. You would only be required to pay for the commissions you have approved and give a reasonable notice to your affiliates (so they have time to switch to another advertiser if they like).

What happens after my 20 days free trial?

After 20 days, if you have not activated your subscription, your account is frozen and locked into a subscription page. In order to subscribe, just fill in the details (including payment) and your account will immediately unlock.


Can I get my money back?


Since you have total control over commission validation and payment, you cannot get your money back from the affiliates you have approved on your program.

The same rule applies to our subscription fee. Since you pay as you go we cannot refund for the services that you used.


What happens if I use all my tokens?


When you reach or exceed the quotas on your subscription, overage fees will apply.
But don’t worry, you’ll receive email alerts before this happens, warning you of the imminent reaching of these quotas.

For your information, additional trackings are not blocked so as not to harm your activities.