Track and attribute your conversions

Affilae allows you to track your conversions, recruit and manage your affiliates in-house.

Setup the performance based payout rates (CPC, CPA, CPL) for each kind of affiliate (blogs, comparisons, email marketing...).

Analyze your conversion funnels and optimize your ROI.

Detailed conversion funnels

Conversion funnels help you to better understand the behavior of your customers.

Which banner ? When ? Via which channel ? will learn a lot !

Intelligent split commissions

When many affiliates contribute to the same conversion process, the commission is splitted by a weighting mecanism.

You can therefore boost the payouts of your key affiliates white continuing to work with the less relevant ones.

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Direct SEO affiliate links

With Affilae, affiliate links are SEO backlinks and not redirections ( which have been penalised by Google

Use all the power of your affiliates network to boost your SEO.

Protection against fraud

Thanks to a unique Javascript technology, Affilae protect you natively against frauds: cookie-stuffing, pop-under and iframing of your website.

Cookie-less & Cross-device

Every click is stored server-side, and thus ensures a perfect cookie-less and cross-device tracking by IP.

But also...


Promote your performance marketing program and recruit easily your affiliates from the Marketplace.

Live reporting

All the datas (impressions, clicks, conversions...) are available in live in the dashboards and reporting tools.

Internal messaging

Communicate with your affiliates in a centralized way with the internal messaging.

Custom tracking domain

Track your campaigns with your own tracking domain (, tracking domain.

Advertising tools

Upload your banners, tweets, emailing kits, product feeds etc... and update advertising slots on your affiliates website in live with the Banner Rotator.

Users sub-accounts

Grant limited credentials to your team for each program (affiliates management, ad elements, payments, conversions...).