Voucher tracking

Assign dedicated promo codes to your affiliates
& reward them on sales.


Affilae’s voucher tracking method allow you track and reward your affiliates on dedicated coupon codes without relation with any affiliate link.
=> For example, it works fine with Youtube, Instagram or Snapchat influencers.


Here the process to assign unique voucher code to your affiliates:

1) Update your conversion tag by adding the voucher parameter.

Check the the user guide here.

Note 1: If you use our CMS plugins (Prestashop, Magento or Woocommerce) to tag your website, go directly to the step 2.

Note 2: If you use our CMS plugins (Prestashop, Magento or Woocommerce) and your integration has been made before 06/01/2018, please update your plugin to benefit from these evolutions.


2) In your e-commerce software, create a unique voucher code for your affiliate partner


3) Then, assign the promo code to you affiliate in Affilae:
Media « ads » and « Vouchers »

=> If you need assign more than one voucher code to your affiliate, please repeat this process.

Once the voucher code validated, you affiliate will be reward on sales call with this promo code. (Check your commission rules).

=> If you removed a voucher code, your affiliate will no longer earn commission on sales from these coupon codes.



A sale can be tracked to the unique relationship of a voucher code unrelated to an affiliate tracking link.

=> So, this is a event in your conversion funnels, who can interact with other affiliates and and trigger a commission sharing. (See our commission sharing simulator)


Ultime note : Please note, that you have to check if the voucher spelling match between your commerce platform and Affilae (uppercase or lowercase)