How to manage your affiliate payments? [VIDEO]

How to manage your affiliate payments?

You will find below our documentation in order to proceed to the payment of your affiliated partners.

A summary video is available at the bottom of the page.

1. Validation of conversions

Conversions generated by affiliates need to be validated before proceeding with payment . Here you will find our documentation regarding the bulk validation of conversions.

Once the validation has been carried out,  the delay period will be initiated. 

The delay period is a number of days that you determine within the commissioning rules. Once the conversion is validated, the delay starts, which allows you to refuse a conversion even if it was initially accepted. The conversion must be refused before the expiry of the waiting period. 

Once the delay period has expired, the conversion is locked and the attached commission becomes eligible for payment. It is therefore important to adapt the waiting period according to the product return or exchange period. Any refusal of conversion should be accompanied by an explanatory reason.

Tips : If you manually validate your conversions every month, remember to configure a waiting period of 0 days. This will allow you to pay your publishers faster.

2. Generating payment request

Once the conversions status is locked, you can proceed to create the payment request.

To create the payment request, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Left Menu > Program Management > Payments page > Earnings tab .

Here you will find all validated and locked conversions that have not been the subject of a payment request.

  • Select the partner concerned, and if necessary the period and the currency. The amount will be calculated automatically.
  • Click Create Payment Request .
  • An invoice will then be available via the payments tab .

Tips : The creation of the payment request can be done on the side of the publishers also only the minimum level of commission reached. In this case, you will receive a notification informing you to consult your program in order to consult the request.

3. Downloading the onvoice

Once the payment request has been Generated, you can download the corresponding invoice and proceed with the payments.

Payments are made directly between you and the publishers.

To pay the publisher, use the bank details directly available in the invoice. Payment must be made under 30 day starting from the creation date.

After making the payment, you must change the status of the payment request to Paid. 

Changing the payment request status will also allow the Publisher Affiliate to upload the payment invoice to verify receipt of funds.

In a nutshell, you have 4 labels to keep publishers updated while their invoices are being processed.

  • PENDING = payment request was received, validation is pending
  • ACCEPTED = payment request has been accepted
  • SCHEDULED = invoice has been sent to accounting, payment should be on its way
  • PAID = payment is done
  • REFUSED = payment request was declined, contact them for further details

This video tutorial will quickly guide you through managing payment requests & pay your publishers.