How to integrate a banner on Affilae?


If you wish to integrate a banner on Affilae, here is the procedure to follow.

From “Manage program” go to the “Medias” section, “ads” and click on the orange button at the top right.

A window will open and you will have to fill in the fields and add your banner as below:

add a banner

Here are the details of the different fields:

  • Element name: Enter the name of the banner that will appear on Affilae. It is preferable to enter the dimensions of the banner in the title.
  • Target Url: Destination page of the banner.
  • Image: Banner in jpg, png or GIF format.
  • Select affiliate profiles: You can decide to reserve this banner only for one or more publishers. By default the banner will be visible to all publishers.
  • Define a start/end date: If the banner is for a time-limited operation, you can decide to set a start/end date. After this period, the banners are no longer active and all clicks and conversions made via this banner will not be counted.
  • Notify affiliates by email: By activating this option, a notification will be sent to publishers to inform them of the banner’s availability.

You now know how to integrate banners on Affilae.