How to create publisher groups?


What are publisher groups for?

To sum up the publisher groups in one sentence, this functionality is used to define “who will I pay? and how much?“.

You can thus create commission groups in the configuration of your programme, differentiated according to the type of publisher, for example.

You can also hide a commission group.

Note that the other publishers in the program will not see the remuneration of the hidden group and the group will not appear on the presentation sheet of your program.

Once you have different affiliates groups, you can check their performances on your reporting with the “Groups” tab :

advertiser reporting groups


How do I set up a publisher group?

To set up a group of editors, go to the “configuration” section of your interface, “commission rules“, “commission groups” and click on the “add group” button.

advertiser add affiliate groups

You will then need to define the name of the group, decide if the group is private or not and add commission rules.

Once you have added the rules, you can set the remuneration.

If you do not add the commission rules to the group, the conversions will not be shown on Affilae.

Note that you can add compensation levels according to the number of conversions made by the publisher. These levels are defined per month.

create publishers group - advertiser

How do I move an editor from one group to another?

Publishers who join your programme will automatically be added to the default group, i.e. the first group created in the programme.

To move a publisher from one group to another, go to the “my affiliates” section, “actions” column and then “edit“.

A new page will open, where you can change the publisher’s group via the “general settings” section, “affiliate groups” and choose the group.

modify publisher group

You now know how to create groups of publishers.