How to create a capping ?


We will show you how to create a capping on your programme for one or more publishers.

To define the term capping, it corresponds to a cap that allows you to limit the activity of your partners on different performance indicators.

To add a capping, go to the “commission rules” tab in your programme configuration and then click on the “capping” sub-menu.

add capping

Here are the explanations of the different fields available in the definition of a capping:

  • Partner: You can decide to create this capping for a group of publishers or a specific publisher.
  • Type of capping: Here, you must choose the criteria to be used for the capping, i.e. :
    • Turnover generated by the publisher or publisher group
    • Clicks
    • Commissions
    • Number of conversions
  • Apply to rule: Here you choose which commission rule will be capped. You can also choose all commission rules.

If the capping is a cost-per-click capping, please ensure that the programme has a click commission rule and that this is added to the publisher group.

  • Capping: Here you select the amount of capping.
  • Period: Here you must define the period to be capped.
  • The whole period: A date filter must be applied via the fields provided.
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Overcap: The “Stop tracking” action blocks conversions as soon as the capping is reached. The “Stop commissions” action still allows conversions to go up but with a commission at 0.
  • Send a notification to the affiliates concerned

Lets use an example :

capping example

Here I decide to create a capping that applies to commissions for a specific publisher. This concerns a Cost Per Click rule for a budget of 500€ per month starting  from 01/10/2022. Once the publisher has exceeded €500 in commission per click, we will block the commissions.