Google Tag Manager – Server-Side


Implementation via Google Tag Manager – Server-side


Upstream, make sure you have a Server Side container to start the integration :

This guide is designed to help you implement Affilae tracking via GTM Server Side.

1- Installing GTM
To install the GTM container on your site, please follow the Google Configuration and Installation documentation:
First, you’ll need two containers with :

  • A Client Side container
  • A second Server Side container



In the Client Side container :

  • Create a new Server side tag
  • Add the Server Side container’s ID tag
  • And also the URL as a variable (Domain of the Server Side container)





In the Server Side container :

  • Create a new Affilae – Server Side tag
  • Next, fill in the Key, Amount and Currency variables (mandatory).
  • Check the “Allow Probabilistic Attribution” box at the end of the tag.

The Server Side tag will collect clicks post S2S redirection and trigger a conversion on the event purchase.




Then disable any ad blockers to ensure that GTM works properly.
Here, the client-side tag retrieves data from the server-side to track the conversion. It is imperative to have a relationship between the two for tracking to be operational.