Frequently Asked Questions About Publisher Payment Management

Below are the frequently asked questions regarding the management of publisher payments.


  • Does Affilae make payments on behalf of advertisers?

No. Advertisers are responsible for paying publishers directly.


  • Does the payment request status change automatically?

No. Once payments have been made on your end, it will be necessary to change the payment request status after the settlement.


  • Who can generate payment requests?

Both advertisers and publishers can generate payment requests. Publishers can create requests only if the minimum commission threshold has been reached, which you can define on your program’s configuration.

Special case: If the partnership or program is inactive, the publisher can generate an invoice without considering the threshold.


  • Why is the commission amount different from what is displayed in the “revenue” section?

In some cases, conversions have a waiting period, which is the time before a validated sale becomes eligible for payment. This can create a discrepancy between validated sales shown in your reporting and validated and locked sales that are eligible for payments.

If there are still sales pending validation, this can also create discrepancies in the amounts.


  • How to find the details of commissions on an invoice?

To do this, please go to the “Payments” tab and click on the “Details” button in the right-hand column under actions. You will then access a table that includes all the commissions related to the invoice.


  • If I reject an invoice, do the commissions return to the publisher’s commission balance?

No. Rejecting an invoice indicates to the publisher that you do not wish to pay it. Commissions associated with that invoice are no longer eligible for payment.


  • What happens to pending payments and sales if an account is deleted?

If you have invoices pending payment, you will be unable to delete your program.

As indicated in our Terms and Conditions, it is the responsibility of the advertiser to settle all commissions owed to publishers before closing or pausing their affiliate program.

To do this, make sure that all conversions have the “validated” and “locked” statuses so that you can generate invoices. If you still have pending conversions, you can validate/reject them in bulk. You can find documentation on this here.

You should also check the lockout period in advance, which you can verify from the commission rules section of your program’s configuration.

For all pending sales, you can reset the waiting period to 0 days from the commission rules. Left menu > Program Management > Configuration > Commission Rules > Edit Rule.

Please remember to perform this action for each commission rule.


  • I have an inactive partner with commissions eligible for payment; do I need to pay them?

As mentioned earlier, all due commissions must be paid.