Explanation of partnerships status


You will find in the following explanation the different status of partnership requests in Affilae. 

You can easily find your partnership request and their status in “Partnerships” in your profile. 


> Pending : It means that you made a partnership request for the affiliation program. 

The demand is still awaiting consultation by the advertiser. 

If you noticed that the request has taken a long time to be consulted, please contact the advertiser from your direct message. 

> Approved : It means that the advertiser validated your request. You can start the partnership as well as you are able to spread the tracking link or the media of the program. 

Furthermore, you have the access to direct contacts of the brand from the column 

“ Actions”,  “contact” in the “Partnerships” page.. 


> Cancelled by advertiser / blocked : The advertiser refused your request, He/She can decide to justify this rejection.  


> Cancelled by publisher: You have decided to end this partnership. 

> Disabled: The advertiser closed the program or it has been set on pause