Explanation conversions status

You will find below the different status of conversions in Affilae. 

You can also find your sales and the associated status in the “conversions” section on your user interface. 


> Pending :  The conversion must be validated by the advertiser. Generally, advertisers validate conversions every month.

You will find the average rate of acceptance of conversions directly on the presentation details of the affiliation program in our programs marketplace.


> Rejected : The sale has been rejected by the advertiser. You will then find a reason of the refusaL


> Accepted : This status is either automatic or appears following the validation of conversions by the advertiser. A waiting period appears during which the advertiser can refuse the conversion. 

The conversion appears as “accepted” with a caption “will be locked on […]” followed by the date when it will be locked.

The waiting period can change from one program to another but the standard period is 20 days. You will find this information on the program presentation sheets.

> Accepted & Locked : It fits the end of the deadline. The advertiser can’t change the status of the conversion , consequently, the related commissions become eligible for payment.