Appsflyer integration

Below is the documentation needed for integrating Affilae with AppFlyer to track events on your mobile application.


Overall Functioning:

The functioning is similar to Server-to-Server:

  • The click is collected via redirection tracking.
  • The conversion is collected via AppsFlyer Postback.

Affilae, therefore, transmits a ClickId to AppsFlyer via a redirection link, and AppsFlyer issues a postback during an installation or in-App event.


The initial platform setup needs to be done at the level of the program link format, which must be configured in S2S format.

You can perform this setup in the configuration of your program, under general settings.



Integration of Affilae with AppsFlyer:

Here are the steps to integrate Affilae with AppsFlyer:

  • Add Affilae as a partnership.

You will find the AppsFlyer documentation allowing the configuration of a partnership here: 


  • Configure the Affilae partnership for each Application (iOS/Android).

Add the Affilae Key in the Key field of the General Setting section. Regardless of the Key, it must correspond to a rule that concerns the events to be tracked in AppsFlyer.


  • Configure AppsFlyer to list the events.

Here is the AppsFlyer documentation on event configuration: 


  • In AppsFlyer, map each event with the correct Affilae key.



  • Use the OneLink link.

To do this, please go to the Attribution Link section.

Copy the link. E.g.{affiliateId}&af_c_id={programId}&af_click_lookback=7d&clickid={ClickID}

Paste AppsFlyer’s OneLink link in the configuration / general settings /tracking url customization section.

Test the click and then the event on Mobile by checking the feedback on Affilae.