Adding a programme online to the marketplace

Validation of a programme on the Marketplace: Explanation and steps


You have just created your programme and it is not visible on the marketplace?

We explain below the different steps to take to appear on Affilae.

The validation of programs is done manually by the Affilae teams, make sure you have completed all the following steps before requesting the validation of your account:

  • You have filled in all the information on your account configuration.

For example, a listing without a brand presentation or without a commission rate will be less attractive to publishers.
Are you unsure about your configuration? You can always watch our video on how to create an advertiser account.

  • The trackings are placed on your site and tested.

No tracking, no programme!

Before launching your campaigns, make sure that everything is operational on this point in order to monitor your partnership operations and avoid any disappointments with your network of publishers.

You will find in our documentation all the information you need to set up and test the tracking.

  • You have advertising elements available for your partners.

To accelerate the activation of publishers, we advise you from the outset to integrate advertising elements (banners, promotional codes, email kits, etc.) available to your publishers. You can add these elements in your interface from the “medias” section and then “ads”.

If you want to know more about the banner formats to use or the use of promotional codes, you can consult our documentation.

Have you completed all these steps? Do not hesitate to contact our teams so that they can verify your account and put your programme online.