Adding a product feed

Below are the various steps required to add a product feed to your affiliate program.

If you want to know what a product feed is for, you can refer to our documentation on this matter.


Adding a Product Feed:

To add your product feed, please go to the left menu “manage programs“, then navigate to the “media” section and select “Product Feeds“.

You can add your first product feed by clicking on the designated action button:


If you want to add an additional feed, simply press the “add a product feed” button at the top right of the page


From there, a window will open on the side.

Adding the feed involves three steps, which we will detail below.


Step 1: Creating the Feed


In this step, you will provide various information related to your product feed.

Let’s take a closer look at the different fields:

  • Feed Title: This is where you specify what the product feed is for. For example, whether it covers the entire catalog or only the top products.
  • URL: Enter the link to your hosted feed here.
  • File format: You must select the format of your feed. Affilae supports the following three formats:
    • CSV
    • XML
    • JSON
  • Encoding: Choose the encoding for your feed accordingly.
  • Feed Options: Two options are available, but you can only select one at a time.
    • Partnerships: Allows you to make the product feed available to your publisher network.
    • Top Products: Allows you to use the feed for the “Top Selling Products” option. This option is available only if you have subscribed to the ENGAGE subscription. This feed will not be visible to your network.
  • Feed Attribution: Here, you decide whether you want to assign the feed to all publishers, a group of publishers, or a specific partner.
  • Choose whether to send a notification when the feed is uploaded.

Special case: If you use the “Top Products” option, please ensure that your conversion script is up to date. If you use a module, you can update it to the latest version. For manual integrations (Shopify, GTM, custom), you can find the latest script version in the documentation. Here, you can find our various technical integration documents.


Step 2: Error Detection


When you validate the first step, Affilae will automatically run a script to check the proper construction of your product feed.

We will then detect the feed attributes and assign corresponding values to them.

You can complete the attribute information by defining and modifying the values. Please note that the proposed values are taken directly from your product feed.


Once the form is validated, the third and final step, which is feed verification, begins. This step is used to check all the provided information and identify potential errors.

If no errors are detected, the feed is automatically added.


  • Special case: In the case of a feed intended for the “Top Products” functionality, you will enter the conversion tag attribute. This attribute is used to link the values of product IDs when a conversion occurs and find the corresponding match in your product feed. This way, you can view your top 10 selling products through your dashboard. The value can correspond to the product ID or the EAN, for example. This attribute is mandatory; otherwise, the feed will not work.


Interface Explanation:

In the “Product Feeds” page, you will find all the information regarding your product feed(s).

You will see:

  • The feed’s name
  • The creation date
  • The format and URL of the feed
  • Whether the feed is for one or multiple publishers
  • The feed’s status and the option to modify this status
  • The feed type: Product Feed or Top Selling Products Feed
  • Various actions:
    • Generating a tracked feed for a specific partner
    • Modifying the feed
    • Deleting the feed