Add a conversion manually


You have the possibility to manually add conversions or bonuses to your publishers.

You can access this option from the “conversions” part of your interface, “Add conversions” button on the top right.

Add a conversion: This option allows you to directly add a conversion for a publisher and automatically calculate the associated commission.

You have two options.

By adding a conversion you will be able to :

  • Specify the partner you want to assign it to.
  • Choose the commission rule.
  • Enter the amount of the order: The commission will be automatically calculated according to the publisher’s current rate.
  • You can backdate the date of the conversion in order to have correct data in your reporting.

      – Manage programs > Conversions > Add conversions (orange + button).




Add bonus: This option allows you to add a bonus amount directly to a publisher, without taking into account the commission rate.

For example, if you want to pay a publisher a fixed amount for a partnership, you will add a bonus.