Our feat and it’s history

The genesis of Affilae started back in May 2011. Pierre Bazoge, co-founder of Affilae, was head of an online social network and looking for a technology that would allow advertisers to implement affiliate programs.

Acutely aware of the difficulties faced by his advertisers to access the existing affiliate platforms, Pierre developed his own dedicated internal platform.

Recognizing a vital and urgent need to open this platform to all e-merchants, the Affilae project was born.

Rapidly launched with the arrival of Alexandre Dos Santos, the leitmotif of Affilae is now to democratize and reinvent the traditional affiliate marketing industry with next generation technology.

Affilae proposes a hosted, secure and affordable solution, that is easy to use, adaptable and scalable to individual needs.

Affilae is developed by Netilum, capital of EUR 10 000, based in Bordeaux.

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