Affiliate marketing plugin for WooCommerce

Discover Affilae – affiliate marketing software



The plugin allows you to easily setup trackings to place on your e-commerce website.

Please, first, follow this steps:

1. Download and install the plugin in your Wordpress.

2. In the “Woocommerce” menu click on “Settings” and then on the Affilae tab



3. Then retrieve your PROGRAM ID from the “Config” menu of your Affilae account (= PID value in the security script at the bottom of the page) and paste it into the “progam ID” field in the plugin.


“Config” Menu


4. In the WooCommerce menu, then, click “Commission Rules” and click on “Add”



5. Now, click on the “Add” button and enter the same rule number (which you entered in your Affilae account) and paste it for each rule:

  • Example : Rule name: All products  – Code :58b57bd2e8face9d048b4581-58b57b35c2f06d67ab6423c5

=> You’ll find the code in the “Config” menu. Then click on the green button “conversion code” and copy paste the “key” below in red.



6. Finally, select In the right column, the category of products or this rule will apply, then validate by clicking on the blue button “Publish”

=> If you apply this rule to all categories, do not select any categories, because by default, the code fires on all categories.

=> Repeat the operation as many times as you have Commission rules.



7. Tracking scripts are now installed, you can test your WooCommerce affiliate program according to this documentation.



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