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Lead Generation

Affilae allows you to easily create and drive your online acquisition campaigns (clicks, leads or sales) and track your creatives performance (emails, banners, etc.). You will also be able to select the best affiliates for your campaigns.

Multiple Commissions Schemes

Define your own commission rules and structures for each campaign (CPC, CPL, CPA, Rev. Share). Create extra incentives according to various achievements and monitor performances.

Customized Reports

Thanks to our real-time reporting, follow your acquisition campaigns and monitor your affiliates performances according to your KPI's (eCPM, CPC, Unique Clicks, Conversions, Leads, Sales, etc.). Share data with your affiliates.

Advanced Users Management

Attribute various rights and access levels for each user, advertiser client or affiliate publisher. Share information you like at any time.
& much more functionalities

Custom Tracking Domains

Track campaigns on your own domain or personalize your tracking domains (e.g.

Cookieless Tracking

Every single click is collected on our server, thus guaranteeing a continuous cross-device IP based tracking even when cookies are blocked or deleted.


Allow your advertisers and affiliates to manage large data files thanks to API connectivity.

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