Relaunching your affiliate strategy

6 tips to use to reignite your partnership strategy (after the crisis)



As we saw in our previous article to maintain well-managed relationships with your partners in times of crisis, we went through a major health crisis, and we are probably still not done with it.

This crisis has had many economic implications: little or no revenue for certain sectors.

Undoubtedly, many advertisers had to freeze marketing budgets and pause partnerships. 


However, it is safe to say that the digital world is recovering and picking up again. We’re seeing the light at the end on the funnel.

You know what they say: the world belongs to those who are getting up early”.
Beyond this questionable meaning, this metaphor is relevant here because picking up with the right timing, means you can gain market visibility over competition which is obviously a key factor of success. 


This is the perfect time to start working again and make a quick scan of operational measures to resume and revitalize your affiliate strategy and partnerships.


affiliate strategy


Affiliate strategy: Communicate, you are back!


You know it, your team knows it, but what about your customers and partners?

Communicating can be simple, quick and it can starts with a bulk email with all your partners, explaining your goals and novelties for Q3 and Q4. 

► Remind them of your brand values, give them something to think forward. Give them an horizon. 


It is an advertising concept old as the hills, but the more they see you, the more they think about you.


Make the most of future key events


Key seasonals events 

With the end of this quarter, you are spoiled! Mother’s day, Father’s day and even sales are great opportunities to communicate through social networks over commercial offers, product bundles or any other offer you might want to showcase.


One-shot offers

If you don’t have any, don’t hesitate to create one-time offers for those specific events. Conversion rates are usually way better, due to seasonality, and this will be a great gateway to the rest of your product catalog.

► Product bundles focused on Mother and Father’s day

Coupons special offers such as free shipping on sales. Focus on volumes.


Call your partners ! 


Seriously, I am repeating myself, but call them. They represent 80% of your revenues for a given channel, call them, and rebuild the relationship if necessary.

Talk with them to decide what is the best way to promote your brand on their website, depending on your budget.


Trust and transparency are two key points that your partners value in their relationship with brands.

Learn to know them, be regularly in contact with them, their publications will be all the more compelling and qualified.


Build challenges 


With shopping resuming, you have a window of opportunity to build a “summer opportunities” challenge, boost partners commission rates for a given time, and get in exchange several publications across different channels, which should prove its worth.

Besides, it is a great way to get better deals.


Send them products


Simple. If your marketing positioning allows it, product reviews are great! One of the best affiliate strategy.

For a reasonable cost, it gives you great exposure.


If you can’t send products, or if it is quite complicated for internal reasons, here is what you can do :

► Send vouchers

► Discount coupons

► Make up for the product cost by giving your partner a one-time bonus to buy the product himself.


I cannot emphasize product reviews enough. Again, a review, a video, an image is worth a thousand words.


Help them selling!


Have you thought about giving your partner incentives?

► An effective approach is to give them dedicated coupons


Those tracked coupon codes by Affilae enable you to pay your publishers based on the sales they have generated without any tracking link. 

It is a perfect fit for instagramers, youtubers, etc.