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Create your own performance marketing network !

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I'm new to affiliate marketing

Start your high performance marketing program in good company.


Create your program

Set modes and rates of commission and publish your ad elements (banners etc.).


Recruit affiliates

Invite publishers to join your program through your customized recruitment interface.


Boost your sales

Your affiliates promote your products driving more and more traffic and sales your way.


Pay only for converted results

With affiliate marketing you only pay commissions to your affiliates if they generate sales, leads or clicks for you.

I already have a program

Fully own and control your affiliate network.

App dashboard

Eliminate your network and platform fees by managing your affiliate programs in-house with Affilae.

Migrate your top affilates over to Affilae and deal with them directly. Give them the next generation performance marketing toolset required to take your business to the next level (SEO ad links, customizable split commission payouts, product feeds, etc...).

Affilae offers all the necessary tools and more for the efficient day to day management of a large and modern affiliate network.

I'm a web marketing agency

Add a new weapon to your arsenal.


Increase the value of your propositions by integrating affiliate and performance advertising into your web marketing strategies for clients.

Manage all your online performance marketing (CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS) through a single streamlined integrated dashboard with customizable user access controls.

The Affilae team is here to help and accompany you as you develop your new expertise.

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Advanced leading edge technology

Discover the next generation of affiliate marketing software.

Direct SEO affiliate links

Use the power and reach of your affiliate network to boost your SEO ranking.

Intelligent customizable split commissions

Split and attribute a specific commission share among the affiliates who have jointly contributed to the same conversion process.

Live reporting

All metrics are live and directly accessible through all reporting tools.

Custom tracking domain

Track your campaigns with

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